2023 Leadership Summit Partnership Opportunities

The recent growth in the influence of state legislatures in the United States has become crucial for protecting civil rights. These state legislatures are introducing legislation at a faster pace than the US Congress, and there is a notable increase in Black leaders in elected state legislative roles. The Black Legislative Leaders Network Leadership Summit provides a platform for these leaders to discuss strategies, highlight their impact, and promote equitable policies.

We are a non-partisan network that welcomes Black state legislators in key positions and aims to foster collaboration, strategic planning, and lasting connections to create a better future.

Our policy sessions will serve as the cornerstone of this event, offering a platform for legislators, advocates, and thought leaders to come together. These sessions are designed to explore critical issues, exchange innovative ideas, and chart a course toward equitable and inclusive policies that empower Black communities across the nation. Join us as we embark on two days of collaborative learning, strategic planning, and cultivating lasting connections to shape a brighter future for all.


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